About Rustic Events

Meet Shona...

So just a little introduction to myself and to give you the reasoning behind the conception of Rustic Events. I’m Shona, I have a passion for design and for all things individual. I have never been a fan of the norm and wanted to create a Wedding Day that was personal to us, with most weddings equally the same they all seem to blend in with one another and we wanted ours to be different, personal and above all memorable. So for us it was an easy decision, it had to be rustic!! With rustic, there are no rules and let’s be honest, who likes rules?

We both have a love for the outdoors and jump at the chance for adventure, although to be honest I think Alex (Husband) was dragged to more flea markets and Antique Fairs across Europe then he’d have of hoped for.

There were no vintage/rustic unique individual pieces available to hire at the time and so our journey began in sourcing these wonderful pieces for our special day.

Under no illusion was this an easy task, a lot of travelling, hunting, bargaining, upcycling and with time never on your side with such events, proved to be a challenge. However, as always, hard work payed off and to this day 6 years on friends and family still reference back to the fantastic atmosphere that was shaped around all things rustic.

So not to natter on, I have created a business that now gives an opportunity for anyone to have an equally unique event, taking away the stress and precious time of spending weeks, months, years sourcing, selecting, designing, arranging, the list goes on.

I’m sure you will find something you like and if so please just let me know as I’m always happy to help. Our collection is for ever growing, so if there is anything specific you are looking for there is no harm in asking as I’ll send my husband out to hunt it down, but he doesn’t know that yet!!

Well, that’s it from me for now, thank you for visiting Rustic Events and hope to hear from you.